The Do’s and Don’t’s of Beauty When Preparing for a Job Interview

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Beauty When Preparing for a Job Interview

Most young adults assume they know the basics of preparing for a job interview: dress professionally, show up on time, and greet the employer with a firm handshake. But what about the other aspects of your appearance? How should you wear your hair? Should you go in with a full face of makeup or opt for a more natural look? Cologne or no cologne? And what about accessories?

Many don’t stop to consider their beauty and grooming habits when prepping for an interview because they assume employers don’t notice them. But, they do. Simple elements from your haircut, to your shade of lipstick, or your choice of earrings can impact the likelihood of landing a job.

In today’s corporate environment where employers aren’t thrilled about hiring millennials, it’s important that recent college graduates know how to go into an interview with their best foot forward.

When deciding how to wear your hair to an interview, it’s important to choose a style that’s neat and age appropriate.  According to Popsugar Beauty, colorful, child-like hair clips, bows or barrettes should be avoided. While you don’t want too look too young, you don’t want to look too old either. Steer clear of outdated hairstyles like mullets and beehives. Lastly, for those with voluminous or naturally curly hair, Popsugar Beauty suggests pulling out your flat iron. Big hair is frowned upon, as it is distracting to the person conducting the interview. You want them to focus on you, not your hair.

Now, for the guys. Men should keep their hair neatly trimmed, making sure it’s off of the ears and shirt collar.

“Some employers don’t like facial hair,” says Karen Marks, associate director of career services at Kennesaw State University. “They [the candidate] may have to shave their beard or goatee if that’s the case.”

Also, if you’re balding, do not comb longer pieces of hair over the bald spot.  As the case with big hair, you want the employer to be focused on you instead of your bald spot.

Accessories add the finishing touch to an ensemble. Not all accessories are acceptable in a professional setting, however. When going in for an interview, Popsugar Beauty urges women to avoid wearing flashy or gaudy jewelry. You shouldn’t wear any jewelry that dangles either, such as bangles or hoop earrings. A simple pearl or gold  necklace or bracelet is acceptable.

For men, large rings and watches aren’t appropriate. Men should opt for a watch with a smaller face or not wear one at all.

Accessories, especially those worn on the hands and wrists, are most noticed by employers when you’re writing or speaking.  Therefore, it’s important not to wear too many pieces of jewelry.

“There is what they call the rule of seven,” says Marks. “You count to see how many accessories you have on. This keeps you from looking too busy.”

A good manicure, or lack thereof, is another aspect of grooming that employers notice. Both men and women should have clean, neatly filed nails. Also, no chipped nail polish whatsoever. This indicates a lack of attention to detail. Excessively long nails and child-like nail colors are inappropriate as well. Popsugar Beauty says classic colors like red and tan are acceptable. However,  you can never go wrong with a few coats of clear nail polish.

When it comes to doing makeup for a job interview, less is more. Ladies should choose to wear a more natural look, rather than a full face of heavy makeup.

“Natural doesn’t mean no makeup,” says John Hernandez,  beauty team artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “It means the right makeup for the woman.”

Dark eye liner and lip liner should be avoided, as they are too harsh and draw too much attention to specific parts of the face.  Hernandez suggests wearing lip stick however, as lip gloss is too casual for such a formal interview. As with nail polish, loud or glittery lipstick shades aren’t acceptable.

“Keep it clean, polished and looking like yourself, not someone else,” Hernandez says.

Cologne and perfume
If you’re thinking about spritzing on a little cologne or perfume before heading to a job interview, don’t! The employer may be turned off by your scent, so it’s best not to wear any at all.

“If you happen to be in a small room, that’s all the employer is going to notice,” says Marks. “You don’t want to put someone off because you don’t know if they have allergies or something.”

A professional appearance is key, but many forget that good grooming is an important part of it. First impressions are almost always based on looks, so why not put your best foot forward? It’s critical that millennials are able to make a positive first impression with their appearance before they’re asked to speak at a job interview.

“You want to be at an advantage,” says Marks. “If you look like someone I want to hire that I think could be in my organization, I’m already gong to give you a break.”

In Celebration With Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist

In Celebration With Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is launching their new beauty counter this week at Macy’s in the Perimeter Mall. In celebration of the opening, Atlantans can book a complimentary, customized makeup lesson of their choice with Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist, John Hernandez. Before he and his team get busy teaching season techniques to hundreds, Hernandez shared some one-on-one time with Chispa Magazine, along with encouragement and his personal tips.

Of the 12 years you’ve been at Bobbi Brown, what has been your greatest accomplishment? I love that I have been able to travel to different countries representing the brand, training artists and echoing Bobbi’s philosophy, “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” I am honored to be part of our new counter opening at Macy’s in the Perimeter Mall, in my home city of Atlanta. The new counter is a beautiful space in a high-traffic mall and I look forward to helping the team excel here.

What’s your definition of natural beauty? I define natural beauty the way that Bobbi does—a woman who feels confident in her own skin and knows what makeup to wear to enhance her best features.

For someone who is new to makeup, what tips would you give them on enhancing their natural beauty? I would start with the right skincare regimen, as hydration is the key to healthy-looking skin, and great makeup starts with great skin. Bobbi always says to hydrate from the inside out and drink plenty of water. For gorgeous, glowing skin, apply a lightweight hydrating cream first and then layer a richer balm on top of it.

Besides makeup artistry, do you have any other passions? I love to travel, especially to warm weather locations with a beach.

Chispa knows that Bobbi is involved in every aspect of the company. How are you able to contribute to the formulation of the products? I mainly work in the field, which means I spend a lot of time with clients and other makeup artists, so I bring their suggestions and feedback to the product development team and sometimes even to Bobbi herself.

For you, how much makeup is too much makeup? Bobbi always says that makeup is about options, not rules. I echo her belief that every woman is different and makeup should make them feel pretty—that could be a pop of color on the cheeks, a dramatic eye or bold lips.

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ARCHIVES: City of Kennesaw celebrates Worldwide Day of Play

ARCHIVES: City of Kennesaw celebrates Worldwide Day of Play


City of Kennesaw celebrates Worldwide Day of Play
By Tanasia Kenney

KENNESAW, Ga. — Residents of Kennesaw traded in the time they would usually spend sitting in front of the TV for an active day of fun in the sun.

The City of Kennesaw, in conjunction with the Department of Parks & Recreation, celebrated the second annual Worldwide Day of Play at Swift-Cantrell Park this Saturday.

This event, which has also been observed by TV network Nickelodeon and first lady Michelle Obama, isn’t only meant to combat childhood obesity. Its purpose is to get families moving by encouraging them to get off the couch and engage in physical activity.

“I wanted to do something outside today,” said RoseAna Isaacs, a mother who attended the event with her husband and young daughter. “It’s my birthday so I just wanted to get out with them and have some fun.”

Activities at the World Wide Day of Play included an inflatable bounce house, a station for hula-hooping, a rock climbing wall, tetherball, relay races, hopscotch, corn hole, four-square and much more. Healthy snacks and refreshments were also provided.

“[I’ve enjoyed] four-square the most by far,” said John Conwell, who’s a student at Kennesaw State University. “It’s very competitive and a lot of the kids know how to play. However, I would have included basketball because it seems like the only thing missing from this park.”

Like Conwell, many other students who attend KSU volunteered at the event and got active with the kids.

“I learned about this event through Volunteer KSU,” NiAmber Fulks said. “I also have a class where you have to do 20 hours [of community service] for a project.” Pledges of fraternities like Delta Sigma Pi were also in attendance.

Sponsors of the event included Wellstar Health Systems and Safe Kids Worldwide. Both provided information to children and adults on how to stay healthy and hydrated while the Department of Parks & Recreation passed out water and granola bars to participants. Jimmy John’s also sponsored the event and provided ready-to-eat sandwiches for families around lunchtime.

Monica Calhoun, a mother who attended the Worldwide Day of Play with her daughter, said she felt the activities were geared toward children of all ages.

“I would bring my family next year,” she said.

According to an article posted on, the City of Kennesaw first hosted the Worldwide Day of Play last year “in support of an international pro-health initiative led by Nickelodeon.”

Nickelodeon’s official website also provides tips on staying active throughout the year. These tips include turning off all electronics, exercising with a group of friends, taking a hike, gardening, playing a pick-up game of football, and much more.

The date for next year’s Worldwide Day of Play has not been set yet, but it is expected that even more people will come out to participate in the festivities.

Upcoming events organized by the City of Kennesaw and Department of Parks & Recreation in the coming months include Fall-o-ween, the American Red Cross blood drive, a Veteran’s Day luncheon, and a Day with Santa.