In Celebration With Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist

In Celebration With Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is launching their new beauty counter this week at Macy’s in the Perimeter Mall. In celebration of the opening, Atlantans can book a complimentary, customized makeup lesson of their choice with Bobbi Brown Beauty Team Artist, John Hernandez. Before he and his team get busy teaching season techniques to hundreds, Hernandez shared some one-on-one time with Chispa Magazine, along with encouragement and his personal tips.

Of the 12 years you’ve been at Bobbi Brown, what has been your greatest accomplishment? I love that I have been able to travel to different countries representing the brand, training artists and echoing Bobbi’s philosophy, “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” I am honored to be part of our new counter opening at Macy’s in the Perimeter Mall, in my home city of Atlanta. The new counter is a beautiful space in a high-traffic mall and I look forward to helping the team excel here.

What’s your definition of natural beauty? I define natural beauty the way that Bobbi does—a woman who feels confident in her own skin and knows what makeup to wear to enhance her best features.

For someone who is new to makeup, what tips would you give them on enhancing their natural beauty? I would start with the right skincare regimen, as hydration is the key to healthy-looking skin, and great makeup starts with great skin. Bobbi always says to hydrate from the inside out and drink plenty of water. For gorgeous, glowing skin, apply a lightweight hydrating cream first and then layer a richer balm on top of it.

Besides makeup artistry, do you have any other passions? I love to travel, especially to warm weather locations with a beach.

Chispa knows that Bobbi is involved in every aspect of the company. How are you able to contribute to the formulation of the products? I mainly work in the field, which means I spend a lot of time with clients and other makeup artists, so I bring their suggestions and feedback to the product development team and sometimes even to Bobbi herself.

For you, how much makeup is too much makeup? Bobbi always says that makeup is about options, not rules. I echo her belief that every woman is different and makeup should make them feel pretty—that could be a pop of color on the cheeks, a dramatic eye or bold lips.

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